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Weekend Wrap-up

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Why can’t I ever get the kind of injuries that respond to heat therapy? These ice packs are getting old quick! 0776

I got to play around on the AlterG a bit this week, my first time running since Baltimore. My achilles was achey, but what surprised me was the hip flexor – apparently I also pulled my psoas or illiopsoas, which is part of the hip flexor but feels like it’s up in the abs. It’s been bugging me when sitting up from a laying position but no other time, until I started running. omg. (Speaking of running, I’m watching Parts Unknown and am seriously jealous of the Massai guy running at the end)

It’s officially fall in my book – yesterday was the last day of the local farm market. With the musician playing, it almost felt like a scene out of Gilmore Girls. Although I didn’t go very often this year, mainly because of Saturday morning training runs, I always enjoy having the option. The locally grown produce truly is so much more flavorful than the mass-produced products at the grocery store. Some of the farms and vendors have their products available through the winter, so I’ll have to keep an eye out.


My week of total rest is over. This morning I accompanied my mom to her second 5k! She ran the Race for the Cure with a friend of hers from her training group. It was a great morning for a race. It was bittersweet getting up early for a race and not be the one running, but I still had a great time. Her goal was to beat her previous PR from June, and she did! I am very proud of her for doing that.


My mom, in the vest, and her training partner

IMG_7743 IMG_7752

After the chilly race we went home and grabbed some breakfast before I headed out to meet my ex to walk our beast. We try to meet up for these walks weekly so I can see her – it’s the only time I see her anymore. It’s not much, but I miss her and I always look forward to these walks 🙂 It makes me sad to see how white her muzz is getting though 😦 Despite the chill in the air, the trail was surprisingly crowded today.

IMG_7773 IMG_7784

I managed 3.5 miles with only minimal achilles discomfort. It’s such a tease – everything else has felt fine since Tuesday, but the achilles (and hip flexor) are just holding me back. I’m thinking this week will be light on impact (mainly AlterG and elliptical), but I need to keep my cardio and strength up – only four weeks until Philly!!


One thought on “Weekend Wrap-up

  1. I hate icing! It helped me with a foot injury, but most of my other issues it made it feel worse.


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