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I Heart the AlterG

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Yesterday I had a session with my PT again. My achilles was feeling 98%, so he just did some quick release techniques on the tight part, and then set me up on the AlterG. His words? Get a good workout in. My only guideline was to not let it aggravate anything. Awesome!

I started off at a walk for two minutes, at 65% body weight, then ramped it up to 5.5mph then 6.4mph for the bulk of the workout – my hip flexor was really bugging me again, but the achilles and ankle felt great. My plan was the up the bodyweight 5% each mile, which I did for the first two, but after that I had a hard time getting up to 75% without discomfort/pain. It was around 3 miles that it finally stopped hurting, but was still noticeable. When the PT checked in shortly after, I told him this, and the older gentleman he was working on chimed in, “why on earth would you do three miles if it hurts??” “Because it doesn’t hurt now :-)”

For the remainder of the workout I bounced around from 70% to 78%, mostly hanging out closer to 70% though. It’s frustrating that the rest of me feels so good, yet the hip flexor, of all things, is holding me back.

When the older gentleman left, he asked my PT “how long is she gonna be on that thing??” PT looked at me, looked back at the guy, shrugged, smiled, and said slyly, “I dunno.” I like having a PT who’s a runner 🙂

I ended up getting a good 6.2 miles in – if I could’ve gotten my hands on a packet of Gu and a bottle of water I probably (stubbornly) would’ve gone another hour, but I was just getting too thirsty, tired, and hungry. If I had known I’d be allowed to be on the machine that long I’d’ve brought a granola bar or something!

I had hoped originally that yesterday would’ve been my last session, but with the hip acting up and not being able to comfortably run over 75% bodyweight I’m going to keep going for a few more sessions, if nothing else to get in some time on the AlterG. Since about a week before Army I’ve cut down on daily protein intake, in favor of pre-race carbs, but I think I’m going to start upping the protein content again to help the soft tissue damage heal a bit more. Here’s to hoping another light week will help get me back on the road again.


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