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Weather and activity level

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So apparently people don’t work out when the weather sucks. That may be, specifically for the self-selected demographic that was chosen for this “study,” and my experiences on the trails and roads throughout the year would certainly back that up. Remember how empty I said the parking lot at the trail was on Sunday? Yep.

But here’s the major flaw with coming to such a conclusion: it only followed people who use one brand of fitness tracker. Only certain types of people buy fitness trackers, and the data suggests that most people will stop using them within a few weeks/months.

But you know who does exercise when the weather sucks? Kick ass hardcore runners. I propose that a study of Garmin or Strava data be used, using similar methods. The results will likely be very, very different. How do I know that? Because of amazing people like Jessica over at runladylike and Lisa at runningoutofwine and the countless other bad ass runners getting it done in the 100 degree heat and humidity in summer and the single digits and blowing snow of winter.

four weather sport

I’ve heard non-runners (and let’s face it, mostly non-movers) complain that runners, cyclists, rock climbers, and other endurance athletes can be arrogant about how much they do. Damn straight we are! We not only push ourselves beyond our comfort limits, we leave our comfort limits in the dust. In an era where it seems that fewer and fewer people are willing to even get familiar with their comfort level, no less give it the finger, yeah, we’re proud of pushing our limits. We get out and get it done whether we “feel” like it or not. Yes, it would be a whole lot easier to stay in the AC all summer and in front of the fireplace all winter – but we make the choice that that just isn’t acceptable. We’re not superhuman or anything – we simply decide we want it more than everyone else who decides to stay in. Can’t get out for a run? (Hello, Buffalo) That’s what treadmills are for. That’s what burpees and squats and yoga balls are for. We may be arrogant sometimes, but we’re always welcoming. Want to be bad ass like us? We’ll happily greet you with a smile and a warm handshake (well, as warm as your hands can be in 15 degree air) as we set off to run in the snow.


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