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Let’s Play a Game – This or That, Christmas Edition πŸŽ„


Admittedly, I’m having a very hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year. The holidays have always been one of my favorite times of the year, but not having my own house to decorate and the end of my marriage has marked the end of many of our little family’s Christmas traditions and has just left me in a less-than-festive mood (yet no one seems to understand this…).

That being said, I do like the little “Christmas this or that” that all the cool bloggers seem to be posting this year. So, without further adieu…

Christmas Eve or ChristmasΒ Day?

Christmas Eve. My family as always celebrated Christmas in the old European tradition. There’s just something much more magical about the buildup throughout the day (cooking and baking and the sun setting and everyone coming together) – and the lights at night are gorgeous. Christmas morning to me has always been just another morning to sleep in.

Real tree or fake tree?

I love the idea of a real tree, and we always had a real tree growing up, but I am all about the fake tree. You set it up whenever you want to, never have to water it, can move the branches around as necessary to fit your ornaments, and never have to vacuum up those annoying needles.

Tree ornaments or tree lights?

You really need both, but if push came to shove, I’d go with just lights. To me the holidays really are all about bringing some light and brightness into the darkest part of the winter. Plus, our outdoor tree only has lights and looks quite nice πŸ™‚


-Going Christmas caroling or watching Christmas movies?

Christmas movies. Not a singer, not into singing, and Christmas movies can be enjoyed wrapped up in a warm blanket with a cup off hot wassail.

Indoor or outdoor decorations?

It’s like the tree lights or decorations – you need both.

Santa or the elves?

Elves. I refused to sit on Santa’s lap as a kid because he was a stranger, but I was okay with elves.

Eating the Christmas cookies or leaving them out for Santa?

Definitely eating. The month of December is fueled by sugar.

Putting presents in front of the tree days in advance, or waiting until late Christmas Eve?

We have always put the presents under the tree as they were purchased and wrapped, but sometimes the extra special gifts don’t come out until Christmas eve. It just looks much more festive with the presents shining under the lights of the tree.

A white Christmas or a green Christmas?

White! As long as I don’t have to shovel it and it does’t impede my activities.

Going to church or volunteering at a soup kitchen?

Soup kitchen – always better to do things that’ll bring joy and happiness to others at the holidays.

Religious Christmas or a festive one?


Spending the holiday with immediate or extended family?

Immediate. I’ve never been close with my extended family, with the exception of one aunt and my grandparents before they passed.

Eggnog or hot chocolate?

I see your eggnog and raise you a Coquito.

Spending Christmas with or without children?

I never want to spend time with children (bah humbug, I say!)

Giving or receiving?




2 thoughts on “Let’s Play a Game – This or That, Christmas Edition πŸŽ„

  1. Cool! We do both Christmas Eve (7 fishes dinner, which I cook) and Christmas Day. I probably won’t get a chance to run on Christmas Eve, but maybe I will Christmas morning!


    • That’s very cool πŸ™‚ This year will be the first in over a decade that I don’t have to go to my in-laws for Christmas Day, so I’m looking forward to getting in a nice run that day.


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