Run Doodle Run

The long road to 26.2

Hilly Rainy Run


you get wet

And get wet we did… Tonight was a rainy hill run kind of night. It wasn’t too bad, though, because it was 50 degrees out. Woohoo!

Our group looked like a roving Christmas light display, glowing and blinking as we weaved through the neighborhood in all of our neon, reflective glory.

We weren’t out there long – only did about 3.2 miles – but it was fun none the less. Well, until I stepped in a deep puddle on the way home. Whatev. We all get bragging rights for running hills in the dark, when it’s raining, the day before Christmas. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Hilly Rainy Run

  1. Good for you to get out there and run despite the weather. Those definitely can be the most memorable runs, even if they aren’t the most fun


    • They really are. It’s always good to have runs like that in reserve for the days that you just don’t want to go out – I use them to remind myself that I ran in the most unpleasant of conditions so I have no excuses! Plus, I secretly really like the crummy-weather runs… 🙂

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  2. Yahoo! Hoping for a warm, wet Christmas Eve morning run myself!


  3. Yes. Runner in the rain here! 🙂


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