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Race Report: Impromptu Vacation Race

I went to Florida for nearly two weeks.


I’m kind of sorry I came back.


While I was down south I signed up for a 5k on a whim, less than 24 hours before hand – the Gold Medal 5k.

It was 42 degrees (!!) on race morning – something I felt very conflicted about. 42 felt amazing to the Maryland runner in me, but awfully cold to the newly-accusomted-to-Florida vacationer in me.

I got to the site about 45 minutes before race time, mainly because I didn’t know where I was going or what was going on, but I got my bib and back into the car (with the super heated seats) in less than 2 minutes. The only hitch of the morning was that I couldn’t decide whether or not to run in just a tank top or to keep my ColdGear shirt on because there was a chilly breeze while I was warming up. At the last minute, after getting pretty toasty during the strides part of my warm-up, I decided to ditch my ColdGear shirt (which a very kind volunteer held for me), and I’m super glad I did.

The race started at exactly 8:00am (who are these people??). It was a small but well attended flat out-and-back course through a fairly dense high-rise residential part of North Naples called Pelican Bay. I had no real goals for this race because a) I hadn’t run in nearly a week, and b) the temps were much warmer than anything I’ve run in lately. I was hoping to PR a little bit because of the way my speed sessions have been going, but no biggie if I didn’t.


I went out at what felt like a comfortably fast pace – it is a 5k, after all. The rough plan was to “warm up” in the first mile, escalate a bit in the second, and then push it in the final mile. I knew I was pushing the pace a bit too much in the first mile, but I fell in with two or three other runners around 1/2 a mile in at the same pace and just cruised. Well, as we’ve discovered before, I suck at pacing. Like, seriously suck.

Screenshot 2015-02-21 19.22.53

Umm, WHAT?!? Yes, the course was a bit long (I knew that third mile felt like it went on foreverrrrrr) but OMG I FINALLY GOT SUB-30:00!!! On a long course, no less!!

I did have to stop to walk three times in the second half of the third mile, twice because of dizziness/nausea, I think from the “heat” (my dumb ass wore ColdGear tights instead of shorts) and once because side-stitches made it painful to breath, but I don’t think I could’ve eeked out too much more that morning.

So, I was super giddy, if not a bit breathless, after the race 😊 I had my bagel and green banana (woohoo!), made a few phone calls and sent a few text messages, and then decided to go over to watch the end of the awards ceremony. And then THIS happened:


I’m sorry, WHAT????? 😮😮😮

I NEVER even come CLOSE to placing in my age group at home – which is why I didn’t even bother to check the placements list after the race!! I wish I had though because I missed my first (and probably only) awards ceremony 😢 My official net time was 29:38.5. I still got my trophy though 😊


Best vacation souvenir EVER!

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Hilly 8 Miler

I apologize for the abnormally short post – I’m super exhausted. It’s been a long day and I’ve had more nights of poor sleep this week than I’ve had in a while.

Being so-not-a-morning person, early training runs are difficult for me, especially in the winter, but sunrises like this morning’s make it all worth it 🙂

FullSizeRender 5

crappy picture, gorgeous sunrise

Today was long run day and we hit up our favorite hilly route around the reservoir. Although there were a number of groups there, it felt unusually empty.


J, a girl who was also in the fall training group with me, and I planned on 8 miles, tackling the biggest hills first. I successfully crested all three of the major hills without stopping – something I am very proud of 🙂 It just occurred to me the other week that Dreaded Druid Hills is only 4 months away and I’ve been slacking on my hill training, so this made me very happy.

We saw some people fly fishing in the water below the dam and a number of people birdwatching along the road. We were pleasantly surprised to see a bald eagle perched in one of the trees on our return trip! I had no idea we had bald eagles around here and this was only the second time I’ve ever seen one.


The hills aggravated my achilles so I’ve been alternating ice and heat all evening. I have another run, much shorter though, with another training group tomorrow morning, so I’m doing whatever I can to get it ready for that.

The only down side to running with two groups? No more sleeping in on the weekends. With that, I’m off to watch some tv and hit the hay early. Have a good weekend, everyone!


Cold Night at the Track

I truly never thought I’d be excited about or calling 30 degrees warm, but it was a good night to be at the track.

We did 3×1200 repeats at tempo pace. Based on last year’s race results, that should be somewhere around a 10:00 min mile.

Well, it was supposed to be at tempo pace. Apparently I still suck at pacing.

Screenshot 2015-02-03 21.46.19

The difference in the net time per repeat and the pace was because I started out in lane 6, then moved to lane 3-4, and ended in lane 2.

It was probably a bit harder than I should have been doing – I could feel my mouth getting thick with lactic acid and had to walk at least a portion of each recovery lap – but overall it felt surprisingly good. It didn’t feel like an 8:20 pace. I don’t think I could’ve kept it up for 2-3 miles nonstop, but it’s nice to feel like I’m heading in the right direction. Maybe that sub-30:00 5k is in my future after all…

My knees felt surprisingly good considering how awful they look. I took an extra day of rest yesterday because they were still achey and stiff, which seems to have been a good call. My achilles was still tight but didn’t give me any trouble on the run (wish I could say the same about afterwards, however).


On the bright side – we’re in the home stretch to spring! No, not because of some grumpy rodent – because daylight saving time starts in just over a month!! We spring forward here in the States on March 8th!! *happy dance* Although I’m really rooting for the warmth of spring, I’ll happily accept more daylight hours as a consolation prize.