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Disappointing Long Run


Sometimes, no matter how jazzed you are about a run, the floor just falls out. Today was one of those days.

I had planned to run 14 miles today, which would’ve made it my longest run ever. When I got to the store to meet the group, no one planned on going over 5 or 6 miles (most people are running their target half marathon today or next week, and there’s a big 5k tomorrow). I checked in with the marathon group, and the few of them that showed up were only going 10-12 miles, which would be close enough, so I set off with a group of them. Well, their pace was about 9:45-10:00, which is just a bit too fast for me for a long run, and I faded pretty quickly, especially on the hills. Not terribly surprising considering how little outdoor running I’ve done in recent weeks…

Fortunately, I did manage to get in close to 7 miles, despite the cold, bone-chilling rain. It was 42, but my legs were just as red after the run as they are after an 18 degree run. I can’t be too upset, because I did get some mileage in, but it really was a disappointing day. Hopefully the next two weeks will be more enjoyable and successful.

hardcore rainy run


2 thoughts on “Disappointing Long Run

  1. Not all miles are created equal – there are hard miles and easy miles and these seemed like hard miles!


  2. If only each step was the same every time! 🙂


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