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BOMF Baltimore

Since 2012 I have been an ardent supporter of Back on My Feet (BOMF) Baltimore. It is an organization that seeks to build up those experiencing homelessness, and often times unemployment, addiction, and/or mental health issues as well, through running.

In light of all that has happened in Baltimore these last few days, an organization such as BOMF is even more vital to the well-being of our city. Those who BOMF helps could easily be defined by what is being seen on the national media – and many have been in the past – but they have chosen to take the steps to improve their lives and build a community. 

No, this is not a claim that running alone is the solution to the systemic, deep rooted and overarching issues that plague our city. But the community that is formed in coming together, the impact that is created in speaking with one unified voice, and the change that we can affect in ‘changing the things we can’ is vital to our effort to rebuild, redefine and rejuvenate this place we call home.

As I prepare for my first marathon, Baltimore faces a marathon of another variety entirely. I may not be able to solve Baltimore’s problems, but I can certainly do my part in helping those Baltimore residents who have chosen to take on their own personal and socioeconomic challenges head-first. A cultural shift won’t happen over night, but affecting one person, who has the opportunity to affect another, starts moving us all in the right direction.

Please help me to help those who have decided that status quo is no longer satisfactory. Please help me to help those who have decided to help themselves.

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For the first time since the April 4th riots of 1968, the National Guard is on the streets of Baltimore.

Despite the crack epidemic of the 70s, despite violence of the 80s and 90s, despite The Wire,
this is not the city I know.


I’ve been a bad blogger

I know, I know, it’s been weeks since I last posted…

It just didn’t seem like my running was going anywhere worth your time. I don’t like posting about monotony, and it seems like there’s been a lot of that.

So what’d you miss over the last 2-3 weeks?

Well, I got sick the week of my birthday.

But luckily felt good enough for my birthday 😊

Screenshot 2015-04-26 20.17.07

I went to an Orioles opening weekend game and saw them kick the Blue Jays’ butt (and score a grand slam!)


The sun setting behind the Roundhouse at the B&O Museum


Ravens Stadium all lit up in orange for the O’s game

IMG_0059 IMG_0061 Spring finally happened

IMG_0164 IMG_0173 IMG_0024

Went to a networking event in DC but didn’t see a single cherry blossom (major bummer). Bigger bummer – I haven’t seen any pictures from the event.

I had a couple good long runs – including my FIRST 14 MILER!!!!! And it felt AMAZING!! Talk about a runner’s high!


7.5 miles on the trail


9.85 VERY hilly miles

FullSizeRender 8

14 MILES!!!! The first time I’ve ever gone past the HM distance!

And had a nice shakeout walk today


IMG_0237I’m hoping now that things are looking up in several aspects of my life, I’ll be more motivated to post. We all have down days/weeks/months, and I know blogging shouldn’t be all rainbows and buttercups, but I also don’t want to just post workout stats or complain about x, y, or z. I like to feel like I have something to offer or something to contribute to the running conversation before I blog.

Having a few good runs in my log and looking forward to Brooklyn and summer marathon training, I think my running will become less monotonous.

For some reason I’ve been more active in posting my workouts on instagram, so you can always follow me there (@studek).


What a Difference a Week Makes!

Last Saturday, I was freezing my butt off and dodging snowflakes – this week I was contemplating wearing shorts for my Saturday morning long run and dodging April showers!

And counting daffodils. So many daffodils. 😀😀


I got in 5.4 comfortable miles this morning with my new group (which I love!). My achilles protested the first mile or so, but came around to my thinking for the rest of the run. Unlike last week, when I felt like I was dragging and just couldn’t wait to be finished, my legs and mind felt amazing today. I powered up hills with no problems and glided across the flats. I even added a hill pass from Thursday’s hill workout for good measure. It’s amazing what can happen after a craptacular run.

And in typical Smalltimore fashion, I ran into one of my childhood neighbors in front of the house where I grew up.

One of the great things about running with Charm City Run is that they arrange for physical therapists to come in and evaluate anyone who wants an injury screening, so I was able to get my achilles and wonky left leg checked out today. It turns out that I have hammies so limber that hurdlers would be jealous of them and I have slender achilles tendons (apparently that’s a good thing). However, I have super tight hip flexors and calves/achilles tendons – and that’s what’s causing all of my problems. The more I learn about the kinetic chain and the way the human body works, the more I regret not pursuing a medical career.

On the bright side, they said I am doing everything right. On the down side, they said I am doing everything right. I need to address the mobility (or lack thereof) in my hip flexors and need to spend more time stretching my calves. I’m off of speed work for a while but don’t need to alter my running otherwise, which is super good news 🙂


Hill Run

You know what’s amazing?

It was warm enough on tonight’s run for me to be accosted by gnats!! *cues the choir of angels* I never thought I’d be so happy to see gnats. Seriously.

🌷🌷 Spring really is here!! 🌷🌷

I skipped my half group’s hill run on Tuesday because of my achey achilles, but decided to join my mom’s 10k group tonight as they were doing the exact same workout. My achilles gave me some attitude on the first hill run, but it started playing (mostly) nice after that.

Screenshot 2015-04-02 23.00.51I’m quite pleased with my performance tonight 🙂 It’s not much, but it felt good.

And when I got back to the store, I got to see this:

Screenshot 2015-04-02 22.58.35

After last weekend’s race, I looked back through my training log and aside from too many runs being derailed due to snow and ice, I think my biggest problem is that too many of my cross training sessions and mid-week runs are only about 1 hour/5-6 miles. I’ve gotten too comfortable at that mid-distance. I’m planning on adding at least one cross training session or mid-week run of about 8 miles in order to get myself in a better position for Brooklyn. I don’t want to feel at Brooklyn the way I felt on Saturday. I don’t want to feel anywhere the way I felt on Saturday ever again.

This Saturday I’m planning on (finally!) joining my spring half marathon group for the first time! I’m thinking an easy 5-7 mile run, depending on how my achilles feels when I wake up. I’m a bit nervous about a new group – because that means I need to find new running partners – but I’m really looking forward to it!