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What a Difference a Week Makes!


Last Saturday, I was freezing my butt off and dodging snowflakes – this week I was contemplating wearing shorts for my Saturday morning long run and dodging April showers!

And counting daffodils. So many daffodils. 😀😀


I got in 5.4 comfortable miles this morning with my new group (which I love!). My achilles protested the first mile or so, but came around to my thinking for the rest of the run. Unlike last week, when I felt like I was dragging and just couldn’t wait to be finished, my legs and mind felt amazing today. I powered up hills with no problems and glided across the flats. I even added a hill pass from Thursday’s hill workout for good measure. It’s amazing what can happen after a craptacular run.

And in typical Smalltimore fashion, I ran into one of my childhood neighbors in front of the house where I grew up.

One of the great things about running with Charm City Run is that they arrange for physical therapists to come in and evaluate anyone who wants an injury screening, so I was able to get my achilles and wonky left leg checked out today. It turns out that I have hammies so limber that hurdlers would be jealous of them and I have slender achilles tendons (apparently that’s a good thing). However, I have super tight hip flexors and calves/achilles tendons – and that’s what’s causing all of my problems. The more I learn about the kinetic chain and the way the human body works, the more I regret not pursuing a medical career.

On the bright side, they said I am doing everything right. On the down side, they said I am doing everything right. I need to address the mobility (or lack thereof) in my hip flexors and need to spend more time stretching my calves. I’m off of speed work for a while but don’t need to alter my running otherwise, which is super good news 🙂


2 thoughts on “What a Difference a Week Makes!

  1. Yay warmer weather! The ice here is finally beginning to disappear. I can’t wait for daffodils!


  2. Stretching your calves is a good thing! LOL It’s amazing, isn’t it, the problems that one particular muscle can cause in the rest of the body!


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