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The long road to 26.2

Rest Time

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After 22 weeks of training, I have never been more excited about a break.

The only workout I did this week was walking my dog at the trail, and a bit of walking through DC. That’s it. And I loved every second of it. I drank wine in the evenings and went to bed a non-sweaty-smelly-mess. I was able to do my hair and my makeup without worrying about “wasting” it when I went for a run or a workout later in the day. I got to watch the Dancing With the Stars finale without bobbing up and down, visit the Pentagon and have a fascinating foreign policy discussion, have drinks and dinner with a friend, go to Philly to see the Blue Jays play in the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Semi-Finals, and just lay around outside on a gorgeous late-spring day.

I love running. I really do. But I also kinda love just being a normal person.

Later this week, or maybe next week, I’ll start working out again, but it’s nice to know that for 4 more weeks, I have no pre-set routine – that I can go out without guilt or lay in bed and watch tv all night if I want. I also know that this will allow me to tackle marathon training refreshed next month, ready to dedicate another 20 weeks to my goals.


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