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My first marathon training run is in the books!! *happy dance*

I love the first day of a new training group – it’s like the first day of school, but only way better because it’s all about recess 🙂

We seem to have a really awesome group and I’m so super excited to spend the next four months with them.


As we were all meeting this morning going through the usual pre-run announcements, a little black cat ran right through our group! (Or, as one woman kept insisting – “he’s brown!”) He kept sneaking through, checking out different places to sniff or hunker down.


He really seemed to like us – he stuck around the entire time we were gone! Although superstition says he should’ve brought us bad luck, I had a really great run today – and it sounded like I wasn’t the only one 🙂

The weather cooperated with us – the total opposite of last week! It was overcast for most of the run, in the low 70s, and even though it was humid (the remnants of that tropical storm are pushing in), it wasn’t oppressive. Right when I got there I ran into a gentleman I know through my alumni work at Hopkins, but he’s a whole lot faster (he’s a multiple BQer). I ended up running with a man and woman who I just met and had a really great time. He has run one marathon before, while she is also running her first. There was a strong group of probably 10-15 more or less running together, which just made for a really fun run. The sun came out during our last two miles, which was certainly unwelcome, but all-in-all it was a really great first run. I really think it’s going to be a great summer!


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