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Bulubox Review

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So I’ll be honest – I’m not a huge fan of subscription boxes. Seeing as I’m kinda set in my ways, and don’t like gambling with my own money, there’s never really been any major appeal to me, unless I know they use (and only use) products that I like. But when I saw this opportunity to try out a BuluBox, it seemed like a great time to strike out of my fuddy-duddy ways!

For those of you who don’t know, BuluBox is a monthly subscription that sends you five samples each month of various health, nutrition, and weight-loss supplements. You can earn points each month by reviewing products, and these points can be applied to purchase full-size products that you like! Or, if subscriptions aren’t your thing, you can just go there to buy full-size versions of products you know and love!

Bulubox offers two plans – Original and Weight Loss. The Original box offers “4 to 5 premium samples such as sports nutrition, sleep, and healthy snacks. Plus lifestyle extras like gym gift cards or DVDs to cover all aspects of health!” while the Weight Loss box “offers 4 to 5 premium weight loss items such as energy aids, healthy snacks, sleep aids and fat-burners. Plus bonus weight loss items like fitness gear and kitchen tools.”


The first thing that got used when I opened it? The Earth’s Care Anti-Itch Cream. My mom had just come down with poison ivy the day before this box came, so perfect timing!


Now this didn’t make the poison ivy disappear over night. But, it did make it much more bearable and less itchy. The smell was pleasant and it went on nicely without feeling super greasy.

Next up? The Mediterra Savory Bar with Sundried Tomato and Basil.

IMG_1934I was really excited to try this one. As I’ve mentioned before, I am sooo over sweet bars and fuels. Everything is sweet. Ugh.  It’s amazing athletes aren’t more unhealthy. When the package was opened, the scent didn’t overwhelm. You can clearly see the sundried tomatoes in there (whoa!) and they really taste like sundried tomatoes (although, they are a bit leathery). I’ll be honest: it wasn’t great. But it wasn’t terrible, either. I have no intentions of going out and buying this myself, but if it was offered somewhere and I was hungry, I’d probably take it.



Okay, I’m not a huge fan of peanut butter. I know lots of people are, but it’s just never done it for me, so making it into a shake was totally not an option. :-X But you know what I do like? Peanut butter cookies! Way back in middle school home ec class (do they even teach that anymore??), we had to make peanut butter cookies with a super simple, egg-free recipe, and this seemed like a perfect way to try it out! I swapped out a few tablespoons of the bisquick for the protein powder and made them like normal. You know what? They weren’t half bad! They definitely make a guilty pleasure feel slightly less guilty. The texture was a little bit different and the taste was definitely more peanuty than I’m used to, but it was a good substitute. I would add more condensed milk and/or peanut butter though – with the protein powder, they seemed just a bit drier than normal. (Unfortunately, the batches are small and go quick – I forgot to take pictures until the last one went down the hatch!)

Next up? YerbaPrima Daily Fiber Formula. I’m not gonna lie: I didn’t even know what to do with this stuff. I’ve never been one for supplements and couldn’t help but giggle at the bilberry extract and milk thistle extract (not judging, I promise). And it really lost me at the “internal cleansing,” “neutralizing toxins” claim. No. Just no.

Last up? Movit Energy Gummies. They have fewer carbs than my normal gels or chomps and a teeny bit of sodium. But 375% of the necessary daily vitamin c? 100% of B6 (which, of course, they had to be fancy with and call “pyridoxine hydrochloride”)? Meh. The smell though, is reminiscent of a candy from my childhood – I just can’t remember which one! The taste is good and they’re easily chewable. Again, I’m not giving up my usual gels or chews, but I’d consider these if they were free.


I’m glad I gave this Bulubox a try. I think it’s rare that someone likes everything sent to them in a subscription box every single month, so I don’t feel bad about the mixed reviews. But with that said, I’m still skeptical of subscription boxes that send me random things. I’m kinda stingy with my money and would rather spend it on things that I definitely know I like.

Does BuluBox seem like something you’d like to try?? You can use the code SWEATPINK to get 50% off of a 3-month subscription! 


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