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The long road to 26.2

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Race Report Forthcoming…

I’ve been sitting on my race report for the Baltimore Marathon for a few days now because I’m still digesting this season and race. I’m still trying to figure out my take-aways (mmmm…. take away….. *drools*) and how to improve for next season. I’m also still trying to figure out what’s been going on with my leg.

As I’ve said previously, I’m planning a spring 2017 marathon, but I’m taking the remainder of October off – to let the body recover and, you know, just be a normal person for a few days. I sacrifice so much while training that I really am enjoying this time off. I even got to sleep in and be social this past Saturday morning! 😱

As I get my thoughts together a bit more, I’ll put out my race report. But for now, I just need to enjoy eating apple pie, having a glass of wine, and crying my eyes out to This is Us.  (Seriously! Every damn week!)

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It’s Marathon Week!!!

Screenshot 2016-10-10 12.23.14.pngToo late!!

This summer has been both good and bad for my running. It’s been good because I made it through strong and mostly uninjured, with higher mileage than last summer (and doing my first long run of the summer in Japan wasn’t too shabby!); it’s been bad because I missed a week plus due to a horribly painful scratched cornea and then irritated my bursitis again about a month ago. But thanks to my wonderful doctor, physical therapists, and masseuse I am here, ready to tackle 26.2 again. I have been on rest for the last week and am only allowed to run one mile on the AlterG this Thursday, but despite all of that, I am confident that I am ready for this race. My fat-loading period is almost over (ohthankgod) and the carb-loading begins in 16 hours! Not that I’m counting. 🙄


I haven’t had much to say on here lately, not because life has gotten dull, but because training for the first marathon was special, new, exciting – this time it just didn’t seem the same. It seemed work-a-day and while I enjoyed it immensely, it just didn’t feel like I had anything new to share that my followers would be interested in. I was a bit disillusioned and honestly somewhat bored with half training last winter and spring, which I take to mean that I just need a bigger challenge. It’s kind of like how in college I did okay enough when I took 12 credits a semester, but made Deans’ List when I took 18 credits. I do best when I have a full, demanding schedule.

To rectify this, I’ll be tackling marathon training in the upcoming frigid mid-Atlantic winter. (You heard that they’re predicting a brutally cold, snowy winter, too, right?) This will give me two marathons in one year. I’m a little scared by this idea, but I think it’s what I need. I need the challenge of the marathon to keep me honest in my training. But while I love running hills and have loved the Baltimore Marathon more than I can possibly explain, I’m planning on some flatter races in 2017. My knee needs it. And I think I need that change, too. I’m looking forward to preparing for two new (to me) races.

I’m looking forward to the challenges that 2017 will bring, and am feeling more motivated by them, but for now I’m going to just focus on counting down the minutes til my marathon this weekend!