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Ortho Update

I swear sometimes I’m actually a 90 year old… the best damn looking 90 year old in town, but I digress…

This morning I met with my ortho to determine whether my aches and pains are something I can run through or something I need to sit my butt down for.

The good news? No stress fractures! My bones look purrrrrrdy. Yay!!

The not-so-good news? I’ve got a laundry list of issues…

  1. The thigh/femur pain is actually a very angry sartorius muscle.
    Remember that song from kindergarten, “The knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone”? (ha! now that song’s stuck in your head for the rest of the week, too! 😉 )Yeah, well, dem bones tendons are all connected…. which leads us to…
  2. Bursitis of the Pes anserine, and
  3. Distal hamstring tendinitis.


At least it’s not a stress fracture!! 😀

I get a cortisone injection for the bursitis next week, but this week’s long run is still in question. As the ortho said, if it hurts, don’t run. Ugh. But I can take OTC anti-inflamatories if they help. Yay! Well, not really yay, but you know… #runnerlogic

Luckily i was able to get in an awesome 5 mile run on the AlterG this afternoon. Started out at 70% body weight but was able to get up to 80% once the excedrin kicked in – and I did it in major PR territory! 43:43. Woo!!

Maybe I can break into the PT’s office this weekend and do my 16 miler on the AlterG so I don’t have to do it on the elliptical…. Only kinda sorta half joking….


Well, I wouldn’t actually break in, but I’m not above begging and crying. Seriously.

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PT, Vol. 3

This morning I had my first meeting with my new physical therapist. I so love that they’re so much closer to home.

Today was primarily about them evaluating me and figuring out a house of action. My right hip is (yet again) being a lazy freeloader – and the crux of all of my problems. Even though I’ve been doing all of my old PT exercises continually, it’s just not stabilizing or strengthening up substantially. We’re going to work with a running specialist to see if we can’t figure out why.

She did another poke-and-prod exam and thinks what’s causing my tibia pain is actually the soft tissue that connects to – and pulls on – the tibia; majorly good news, but if left untreated, that kind of tension can cause a stress fracture.

We went over a few exercises that we’re going to work on and that I can incorporate into my workouts at home, and then I got to play on the Alter G! It was only for 15 minutes though, so boo 😦 Unlike the other location, they don’t have a tv in front of the Alter G, so if I’m ever allowed to do a long mid-week run on it, I may need to bring along a fully-loaded iPad… haha.


After a little time with some ice, I headed on over to Charm City Run to get a new pair of shoes! Hey, if a trained medical expert tells me I need a new pair of shoes, who am I to argue? 😉

Based on the advice of one of the guys there last weekend, I’m giving the Saucony Guide 8s a try – they’re a bit more supportive than my current shoes (which today’s PT said might be worthwhile) and have a higher heel drop (which Saturday’s PT said might be worthwhile). I’ve had mixed luck with Saucony’s in the past (Omni’s were good but too supportive, Triumphs were super comfy, until I ran), but I’m holding out hope for these guys. I was cleared for running tomorrow, assuming I promise to a) not be stupid and b) listen to my body if it sends out any warning signals. Hopefully tomorrow’s 8-10 will both go well in general and with respect to the new shoes (it’s an out and back, so I can’t just switch shoes if things don’t workout).


My afternoon was capped off with a car ride with my super sweet pups and a nice nap.


What’s your weekend running looking like?
When was the last time you changed shoes? How did that transition go? 

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Ortho Update

After last week’s hill workout and Saturday’s hilly long run, I had been feeling a bit of pressure in my tibia. I had a similar issue for a hot second last year, but I really didn’t want to mess with it this time seeing as I’m, you know, training for my first marathon.

I decided to take this week easy (e.g. spending a lot of time wearing running shoes while not actually running) and set up an appointment with the ortho just out of paranoid caution. My ortho is kind of a big deal and wasn’t available until the end of next week, so I met with one of her colleagues this morning. He did all of the usual manual tests to see if any of them made me end up on the ceiling, but no dice. He did find an area of tenderness which he’s slightly concerned about, so we had x-rays done to see if there are any underlying injuries to the bone that might just be getting aggravated (for the uninitiated, a new stress fracture won’t show up on an x-ray until it’s well into the healing phase), but nothing there either. Yay!!

On a side note, my calf muscles look seriously amazing in x-ray form. 😉

So he’s about 85-90% confident that it is not a stress fracture, but he can’t completely rule it out just yet because of one of the medications I’m on.

The good doctor then gave me the option of either self-monitoring (because runners are sooo good at self-imposed rest and restraint) or going to a short stint of PT, mainly to use the Alter G. Um, duh – Alter G always wins. I love that thing.

So I start PT this Friday 🙂 They’re probably going to work on loosening some tight muscles and keeping an eye on that area while I log some miles on the Alter G. Unfortunately, my PT is no longer with this group, but fortunately, this group opened up a location with an Alter G half an hour closer to my home. Kinda bummed that I have to get to know a new PT, but I’m super excited about not having to drive allllllll the way downtown twice a week.

Let’s just hope this blip is just that – a blip – and that the rest of the summer will go smoothly! 🍀


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Long Run Saturday!

Good morning, sunshine!

Good morning, sunshine!

As if Tuesday’s hill workout wasn’t enough torture, we hit up the reservoir for 14 hilly miles this morning. I love running at the reservoir and was super excited about this – my legs even stopped hurting just in time!

I even rewarded my legs with a squishy new pair of shoes this morning 🙂

Christmas continues

Christmas continues

It wasn’t the easiest run, but it wasn’t as hard as I was expecting. My legs felt heavy but I was able to power through all of the hills (and there were a lot of them!). I’m really enjoying the feeling of strong quads.

Screenshot 2015-07-11 18.14.25


“You want to run through here? That’s nice.”

Immediately after the run I drove back to the store, where they had PTs available for us this morning. My achilles and ankle have been bugging me for a while, even though they’ve been feeling better lately thanks to my mom’s massages, and I just started getting some pressure in my left tibia again this week, so I definitely wanted to make sure I got to see them. They’re concerned with the achilles and ankle because it’s been so persistent and are worried about the pressure in my tibia. I may head back to PT – if nothing else, for the ability to use the AlterG. I am going to be a good girl and take it easy this upcoming week. I’ve already run 57 miles this month 😮 Any rest at this point will only pay off in the long run, not harm me. Last year I had a similar issue with some pressure in my tibia and I took a week or so off, which lead to the discomfort going away. I’m hoping some rest will do the same this year. Wish me luck…

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I Heart the AlterG

Yesterday I had a session with my PT again. My achilles was feeling 98%, so he just did some quick release techniques on the tight part, and then set me up on the AlterG. His words? Get a good workout in. My only guideline was to not let it aggravate anything. Awesome!

I started off at a walk for two minutes, at 65% body weight, then ramped it up to 5.5mph then 6.4mph for the bulk of the workout – my hip flexor was really bugging me again, but the achilles and ankle felt great. My plan was the up the bodyweight 5% each mile, which I did for the first two, but after that I had a hard time getting up to 75% without discomfort/pain. It was around 3 miles that it finally stopped hurting, but was still noticeable. When the PT checked in shortly after, I told him this, and the older gentleman he was working on chimed in, “why on earth would you do three miles if it hurts??” “Because it doesn’t hurt now :-)”

For the remainder of the workout I bounced around from 70% to 78%, mostly hanging out closer to 70% though. It’s frustrating that the rest of me feels so good, yet the hip flexor, of all things, is holding me back.

When the older gentleman left, he asked my PT “how long is she gonna be on that thing??” PT looked at me, looked back at the guy, shrugged, smiled, and said slyly, “I dunno.” I like having a PT who’s a runner 🙂

I ended up getting a good 6.2 miles in – if I could’ve gotten my hands on a packet of Gu and a bottle of water I probably (stubbornly) would’ve gone another hour, but I was just getting too thirsty, tired, and hungry. If I had known I’d be allowed to be on the machine that long I’d’ve brought a granola bar or something!

I had hoped originally that yesterday would’ve been my last session, but with the hip acting up and not being able to comfortably run over 75% bodyweight I’m going to keep going for a few more sessions, if nothing else to get in some time on the AlterG. Since about a week before Army I’ve cut down on daily protein intake, in favor of pre-race carbs, but I think I’m going to start upping the protein content again to help the soft tissue damage heal a bit more. Here’s to hoping another light week will help get me back on the road again.

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Weekend Wrap-up

Why can’t I ever get the kind of injuries that respond to heat therapy? These ice packs are getting old quick! 0776

I got to play around on the AlterG a bit this week, my first time running since Baltimore. My achilles was achey, but what surprised me was the hip flexor – apparently I also pulled my psoas or illiopsoas, which is part of the hip flexor but feels like it’s up in the abs. It’s been bugging me when sitting up from a laying position but no other time, until I started running. omg. (Speaking of running, I’m watching Parts Unknown and am seriously jealous of the Massai guy running at the end)

It’s officially fall in my book – yesterday was the last day of the local farm market. With the musician playing, it almost felt like a scene out of Gilmore Girls. Although I didn’t go very often this year, mainly because of Saturday morning training runs, I always enjoy having the option. The locally grown produce truly is so much more flavorful than the mass-produced products at the grocery store. Some of the farms and vendors have their products available through the winter, so I’ll have to keep an eye out.


My week of total rest is over. This morning I accompanied my mom to her second 5k! She ran the Race for the Cure with a friend of hers from her training group. It was a great morning for a race. It was bittersweet getting up early for a race and not be the one running, but I still had a great time. Her goal was to beat her previous PR from June, and she did! I am very proud of her for doing that.


My mom, in the vest, and her training partner

IMG_7743 IMG_7752

After the chilly race we went home and grabbed some breakfast before I headed out to meet my ex to walk our beast. We try to meet up for these walks weekly so I can see her – it’s the only time I see her anymore. It’s not much, but I miss her and I always look forward to these walks 🙂 It makes me sad to see how white her muzz is getting though 😦 Despite the chill in the air, the trail was surprisingly crowded today.

IMG_7773 IMG_7784

I managed 3.5 miles with only minimal achilles discomfort. It’s such a tease – everything else has felt fine since Tuesday, but the achilles (and hip flexor) are just holding me back. I’m thinking this week will be light on impact (mainly AlterG and elliptical), but I need to keep my cardio and strength up – only four weeks until Philly!!

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Alter G

Over the last year I’ve spoken quite a bit about the AlterG treadmill, which I have used in physical therapy. Well guess what Runner’s World just wrote an article on??

This really is one of the coolest devices out there. It allows you to get back into training and rehab sooner than you’d be able to with regular walking or running and is great for helping to stave off small injuries by reducing your impact load while allowing you to keep up your mileage and cardio training. If I had $40k to drop, I’d totally have one in my basement.