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The long road to 26.2


I’ve been a bad blogger

I know, I know, it’s been weeks since I last posted…

It just didn’t seem like my running was going anywhere worth your time. I don’t like posting about monotony, and it seems like there’s been a lot of that.

So what’d you miss over the last 2-3 weeks?

Well, I got sick the week of my birthday.

But luckily felt good enough for my birthday 😊

Screenshot 2015-04-26 20.17.07

I went to an Orioles opening weekend game and saw them kick the Blue Jays’ butt (and score a grand slam!)


The sun setting behind the Roundhouse at the B&O Museum


Ravens Stadium all lit up in orange for the O’s game

IMG_0059 IMG_0061 Spring finally happened

IMG_0164 IMG_0173 IMG_0024

Went to a networking event in DC but didn’t see a single cherry blossom (major bummer). Bigger bummer – I haven’t seen any pictures from the event.

I had a couple good long runs – including my FIRST 14 MILER!!!!! And it felt AMAZING!! Talk about a runner’s high!


7.5 miles on the trail


9.85 VERY hilly miles

FullSizeRender 8

14 MILES!!!! The first time I’ve ever gone past the HM distance!

And had a nice shakeout walk today


IMG_0237I’m hoping now that things are looking up in several aspects of my life, I’ll be more motivated to post. We all have down days/weeks/months, and I know blogging shouldn’t be all rainbows and buttercups, but I also don’t want to just post workout stats or complain about x, y, or z. I like to feel like I have something to offer or something to contribute to the running conversation before I blog.

Having a few good runs in my log and looking forward to Brooklyn and summer marathon training, I think my running will become less monotonous.

For some reason I’ve been more active in posting my workouts on instagram, so you can always follow me there (@studek).


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Birthday Pup!

Two years ago today husband and I went to the local animal shelter to check out the available dogs. We assumed that like at most animal shelters it’d be mostly pit bull types and we’d walk in and walk out. (Full disclosure – I have no problems with bully breeds as a whole, but not owning a home yet we didn’t want a dog that could limit our options in the future; our state had just passed legislation that made landlords very weary of renting to those who own bully breeds).

So we walked in and saw all the crazy, barky, bouncy dogs (and an adorable pot belly pig!), and decided none of them were for us. On our way back out, this pretty little red headed girl, an Irish Setter who we hadn’t seen earlier, was standing in her cage, doing the slightest bit of a tap dance and looking up at us with her big black eyes. I got down to her level and her face just lit up and her tail, which was tucked as far as possible between her legs, started wagging ever so slightly. Husband asked if I wanted to see her and, after hemming and hawing, I might have possibly said yes (the jury’s still out). Off he went to get the attendant, who leashed her up, and the little redhead immediately leaned her body into my legs and looked up at me with a look of relief and longing – there was no way I could put a girl as pretty as her back into that cage.

We have no idea how old our lean leaner really is, but today is her second “birthday” with us. And although she drives me nuts, I’m glad we stopped and looked at the little dancer.

birthday pup

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I aim to keep this blog pretty running-related and try to keep my personal life out of it too much (because let’s face it, putting too much out there can just get weird), but if you’re ever in Baltimore and need a super yummy bite to eat I highly recommend trying out Mezze. It’s a Greek small-plate restaurant in Fells Point, but easily walkable from the Inner Harbor and Harbor East. It’s a bit more upscale, but not stuffy and the dress code it pretty easy. I’ve been there a number of times and loved it, but we went there last night for my mom’s birthday (Happy Birthday momma!) and the food was just out of this world.

They recommend 2-3 plates per person – we may or may not have overestimated – which lets you really sample a bunch of items without any one thing getting too heavy or too much attention. The lamb giouvetsi was to die for, as were the grilled portobello mushrooms if you prefer vegetarian (so I’m told, I don’t eat mushrooms…).

Anyway, this post still counts as running-related seeing as I ran past the restaurant on my long run Saturday morning.

So that’s a bit of a stretch. Whatev. 🙂

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Wondrous Wednesday

So my workout plans yesterday got totally derailed. But for a really good reason, I swear!

Tuesday was track night with my training group – our first real track workout. Yikes! So scared. We had to use the McMillan calculator, based on our 2 mile time trial last week, to determine our goal pace for the week’s workout – 2×800, 400 easy, 1:00 rest, rinse and repeat. The goal was to join a group (4:00, 4:30, 5:00, etc) and aim to finish our 800 :30-:45 faster than the group time, use that time to rest, and then start the next set.

I actually did way better than I thought I would! McMillan said I should aim for 5:33-5:58, but I joined the 6:00 group for a challenge. Most 800s were finished with a minute (or more!). Guess I need to learn to stop underestimating myself 🙂

After that hard workout I was planning on doing some cardio and core/upper body strength yesterday, but Wednesday was my momma’s birthday! Husband and I decided we needed to do something for it – and when we decide to do something that usually means we cook. A lot.

I baked a cake I’ve been wanting to try for months as well as bite-sized fillet Oscar (so yum!) that she had mentioned wanting to try a few days ago.

Husband made spinach puffs (sooo delish), chicken satay, and chile garlic shrimp as well as fresh margaritas!

All in all a great day/evening, even if my only workout came from standing way too long and juggling too many bowls!

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Thoughts on the week

So I’m thinking of joining a training group for my fall half training. The local running store has a group (a couple, really, one at each of their locations) and it seems quite reasonable. I tried one a few years back but wasn’t at the right point to successfully join it, so I dropped out after the first run, which was really disheartening, but I think I’m in a much better place to try it this time (eg I can run 5 miles, like they request) and I’ve been through the training (properly) on my own.

Unfortunately, however, my Garmin was stolen last weekend while I was visiting a friend in Connecticut. Sad face. I was really looking forward to using it this training cycle, especially for interval training, but it seems I am SOL for the time being. *big sigh*

But on the bright side I got to see a good friend of mine last night! She was in town for Father’s Day and her mother’s birthday, so her and her mom and me and my mom got together last night at a great restaurant to celebrate 🙂 The restaurant, Mezze, is a great Greek tapas-style restaurant – the best part is ordering a bunch of small plates and sharing with friends.


Speaking of celebrating, today is me and husband’s wedding anniversary (two years!). Crazy how time flies…