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The long road to 26.2


Disappointing Long Run

Sometimes, no matter how jazzed you are about a run, the floor just falls out. Today was one of those days.

I had planned to run 14 miles today, which would’ve made it my longest run ever. When I got to the store to meet the group, no one planned on going over 5 or 6 miles (most people are running their target half marathon today or next week, and there’s a big 5k tomorrow). I checked in with the marathon group, and the few of them that showed up were only going 10-12 miles, which would be close enough, so I set off with a group of them. Well, their pace was about 9:45-10:00, which is just a bit too fast for me for a long run, and I faded pretty quickly, especially on the hills. Not terribly surprising considering how little outdoor running I’ve done in recent weeks…

Fortunately, I did manage to get in close to 7 miles, despite the cold, bone-chilling rain. It was 42, but my legs were just as red after the run as they are after an 18 degree run. I can’t be too upset, because I did get some mileage in, but it really was a disappointing day. Hopefully the next two weeks will be more enjoyable and successful.

hardcore rainy run


Bad news

I went back to the ortho today for a follow up, hoping to hear good news about getting rid of this walking boot and maybe being able to walk or lightly jog through the Baltimore Half or the ATM… but that was not what I got. I am going to be in the boot at least another 4 weeks, and once I am out of it running will be off the table for a while. Like a long while. Any lingering hopes I had held on to about running ATM are fully out the door now. Guess I need to finally admit defeat now and go cancel the hotel room… 

I’m not going to lie, it took a lot of will power to not cry while walking out of the building after that appointment.

The other lame thing? Next week I was supposed to be going on a fun field trip to an adventure camp with the school where I substitute, but now I can’t go to that either. *pout*

I fully intend to enjoy my 12-hour personal pity party of pizza, cannoli cream (calcium!), and wine…

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Well it seems that I am on the IR list for a few days at least. My hip is still bugging me, even with Advil and icing (and not the yummy delicious kind, either…), and I couldn’t get an appointment for an evaluation at the running clinic until next Thursday (ugh). I’m sitting out tomorrow’s run – may go for a walk with the husband and dog if everything feels okayish – and probably Tuesday’s track session as well.

So what is a bored runner to do with all this unexpected free time?


I’m not usually the chef in this marriage – that title is pretty secure with my husband – but I do want to learn to cook more than just French toast, mac n cheese, and birthday cakes. So I attacked the library’s cooking section (it took both of us to carry all the books out) and started tackling the recipes.

The first one was one that I had actually made a few months ago – cacio e pepe. It’s honestly a bit heavy for the summer, but it’s super easy and super delicious. With all the carbs it would certainly fuel your next run! If the cheese doesn’t weigh you down, that is…


Along side the pasta I prepared a small cheese plate. I made the toasts (French baguette with garlic-infused olive oil that I made myself) and served it with an earthy brie, quince paste, and freshly roasted garlic. All very simple but very flavorful.


I think that’s why I don’t tend to like most American foods – so many seem to miss the mark when it comes to the importance of flavor. Now not everything needs to be super pungent, but there needs to be a nice blend of flavors that play off of and enhance each other, not one single volume (or lack thereof).

Tonight’s conquest was Indian food. Now I don’t really eat much Indian food – I can probably count on one, maybe two, hands the number of times I’ve had Indian in my entire life – but it seems so flavorful and healthy. No time like the present to try it out! Tonight’s menu was papaya chicken (from Everyday Indian) served on basmati rice with a side of naan.

Luckily my husband was near the Indian mart today or else all of the ingredients would have bankrupted us. But seeing as they carry spices for a fraction of the price of the regular grocery store, it is actually accessible. And they had all the ingredients I needed (unlike our local groceries), and then some!


Indian seems to be a lot like Chinese in the sense that the prep takes the most time, there are a number of ingredients, but the cooking time is really pretty short. Once everything was prepped and ready to go, it only took about 15 minutes to cook the main dish. I threw the rice in the rice cooker before I started, and it was ready just as the main dish was coming off the stove. The naan was pre-made at the store and just needed to be heated up in the oven.


Not too bad for the first time I’ve ever made Indian! Plus the house smelled wonderful…

I wonder what tomorrow will bring??