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#tbt Florida, Part I

As I watch the snow pile up outside my window, it seems like a perfect opportunity to blog about my recent trip to Florida. Ahh, sun… how I miss thee…

I have never been a Florida person. Never in my past did I wake up and say “Ooh! Let’s go to Florida!” No, there are far too many other places I want to visit in this world than the place where old people go to be eaten up by sinkholes.

Well, that all changed last year. Some great friends of mine purchased a vacation house in Naples a few years ago. They had invited me down in the past, but with school and work and tight finances, it just never worked out. Then he asked again last year, as we were being stared down by two nasty winter storms and my marriage had begun to fall apart. I desperately needed a change of scenery (and warmth!) My answer this time? “Yes, please!”

It was love at first sight. So naturally, I got invited back again this year and didn’t even have to breathe before saying yes. But, one of them had just been transferred to Miami for work – so I got to see two great (warm, sunny) places. AND my aunt and her husband just relocated to central Florida this past summer – three places! Two weeks! Adios, frozen tundra!

I traveled with my mom this year, stopping in Miami first. The weather was darn near perfect – low 70s, no humidity, perfect sun. Heaven.






We visited Miami (South Beach) last year and I didn’t really care for it – it was just too frenetic and jam packed and honestly, kinda trashy – but I must admit, I LOVE Coral Gables. I could totally move there.


Two of my favorite places in Miami are in Coral Gables as well – Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens and Matheson Park Beach.








P1020347 P1020348

P1020353 IMG_9083 P1020361







On Friday we drove across the Everglades from Miami to Naples, stopping half way through to check out some gators.



Saturday morning I had my race, which I totally kicked ass in.


And then we got to see some seriously cool cars at the Cars on 5th show along Naples’ main street, had some super yummy gelato at Adelheidi’s and walked along the (unseasonably chilly) beach. It was “cold” enough that we had to turn on the heat in the house in the evenings, but out in the sun it was darn near perfect.

IMG_9137 IMG_9150

IMG_9158 IMG_9161 P1020486

P1020489 IMG_9166

The couple we stayed with in Naples is the couple we got our Westies from over 11 years ago (how is it possible that that much time has passed???). They are true dog lovers, with 6 pups of their own, who stay with them in Naples all winter.




And all of this was while it was near zero at home. 😂


Part II will be coming later 🙂

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One Week!

One week from now and I will have finished my first ten miler!! I’m so excited I really can’t express it in words. I got a reservation confirmation from my hotel today, I’m getting my packing checklist put together, gathering everything I need, and bouncing up and down with excitement! I can’t wait to head down to DC on Friday! Right now they’re calling for a rainy weekend in the 60s and 70s, but I’m going to make the most of it. Cooler temps mean faster running, right?? 😉

Photo Oct 05, 7 07 17 PM

Yesterday I did a nice, easy 5 mile run on the muddy trail. Just about everyone in the group is in taper mode now, but I had the shortest mileage, which is why I got to run back with the coaches. It’s funny to think of 5 miles as an easy workout, but it makes me smile looking back at how far I’ve come. I did my run in 53:38, which makes me feel really great looking toward the Celtic Solstice 5 Miler this December – I am going to cream my previous 5 miler PR!

Even though it seems like nothing else is going right in my world as of late, at least I have had a successful running season, regardless of how the races turn out. I’ll take it.

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The other day I mentioned that my Garmin had been stolen and I was so super sad about it… I had begun to come to terms with it and had in fact planned on running naked (technology-free, that is, you dirty bird) at my race tomorrow. It could be fun to see how I do with no feedback whatsoever other than just how I feel, right?

Well, that plan was ruined…

…because I have the bestest daddy ever. He bought me a new Garmin today! I am a very lucky girl. Just sayin’.