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Long Weekend Wrap-up

What a gorgeous weekend!! I hope you all enjoyed your long 4th of July weekend as much as I did.

Friday a friend and I took the beast for a nice, long(ish) 5 mile walk. Sadly for her that’s just not nearly long enough, but it’s what we got done. It was actually a bit chilly when we got to the trail in the morning, but it considering how much it had rained the night before I really can’t complain.

Photo Jul 04, 9 22 49 AM

Photo Jul 04, 10 14 37 AM

lazy, lazy cows relaxing in the long, long grass

Photo Jul 04, 10 14 12 AM

I just hung around the house for the remainder of the day. One of the best parts about living in a rural area like I do is that we don’t have to go anywhere for fireworks – our neighbors always bring amazing fireworks displays to our backyard, literally. On most July 4ths we can see at least 4 great displays from our property. This year, the house directly behind us had a party and a wonderful display right from their back yard which lasted every bit of 20 minutes and nearly looked professional.

Unfortunately due to WordPress restrictions I couldn’t load the video right into the post, but it’s up on youtube, so just click the link or click here: 

Because of all of the fireworks in the neighborhood, I didn’t get to bed until after midnight on Friday, so I pushed my Saturday long run off a day. I intended to sleep in, but ended up waking up at 6:38 – just in time to see the Duke and Duchess officially open the Tour de France!! I love and hate the TdF – it’s a great competition and amazing scenery, but it’s so early and lasts forever so I feel like I lose had of my day. I know, I can get up and walk away. But that’s like leaving in the middle of the football game and catching the box score on your phone! Just not the same.

Momma, wake up! It's time for the Tour de France!

Momma, wake up! It’s time for the Tour de France!

This morning I slept in a bit but still got out for a nice run. This was my “off” weekend between races and half training, which begins next weekend, so I just planned an easy 4 miles. I got out a bit too late, though – my new favorite place was packed, so I had to find another location to launch from. With the holiday weekend and the gorgeous weather, the trail was much more crowded than normal, but it was a good crowded.

I told myself I couldn’t stop running until I got to my turn-around point (2 miles) .When I got to the turnaround I hadn’t quite hit 2 miles, so I ran two laps around the parking lot, and getting some odd looks from tubers, before heading back. At that point, I kept going without taking a break. I told myself I could stop when I got to the gnome hill. But when I got there, I was like “well the waterfall is only half a mile away… keep going until then.” When I got to the waterfall, I was like “but there’s only half a mile left in your run – why stop now??” So I ran all 4 miles non-stop (10:54, 10:59, 10:53, 10:22; avg pace of 10:47), which is still kind of a big deal for me. I’ve been shattering my physical barriers lately, but I still get hung up on the mental barriers from time to time. Knowing when I want to take a break versus when I need to take a break is a big hurdle I need to work on, especially in training for ATM.

Seeing as I missed much of this morning’s TdF stage, I’m catching up on the encore presentation this evening while drafting this and enjoying a glass of wine. A perfect way to end a wonderful weekend.

How was your 4th?? What amazing things did y’all do this weekend? Any great runs?


Summer runnin’

So, how long does it take to adjust to the heat? Because it’s been weeks and I’m starting to wonder if it’ll ever happen for me.

I went out with the intention of doing 3-4 miles and ended up covering 3.6. My quads are in good shape – I powered up all the non-super-sunny hills without a problem, but I’ve definitely got to work on strengthening my hips and lower legs.

My shin splint decided to come out and play after my last run, so I was a bit conservative because of that, but the power just wasn’t there today.

It’s turned out to be a gorgeous day today. I’m enjoying my post-run snack (almonds, a slice of bread with University of Delaware honey, and a super cold glass of chocolate soymilk) out on our deck, admiring our little veggie garden.

It’s not much, but it’s ours, and it’s doing surprisingly well. Although something keeps eating the newly formed buds off of our pepper plants and another something just started digging in our red beauty pepper pot…

Growing up I was always surrounded by green – my parents have always had wonderful gardens, even when we lived in a townhouse – and I really missed that green space when husband and I moved here. It’s a rental, so we can’t do too much with it, but the veggies add some green to an otherwise blah backyard and we get to enjoy the veggies we grew! I’m really looking forward to the day when we have our own property large enough for a respectable veggie garden. There are so many more things I want to try growing 🙂

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It’s amazing how quickly you can lose fitness and strength after a setback. Cardio-wise I don’t think I lost too much while off, but I definitely lost a lot of the strength I have built up. The perfect storm of finishing HM training at the same time that I had surgery and was put on a medication that made me ravenous was just a disaster in the making. It ended up not being as bad as I expected, but I still feel like I’m starting over from scratch. I went out for my first post-op run Sunday afternoon. I only planned to run 1 mile, which sounds so awful after having completed a HM just a few weeks ago, but it was a big deal for me. My form felt awful, and my legs were definitely much weaker. But aside from the achiness my lungs tend to get in the cold, I felt fine cardiovascularly. I stopped to walk for 30 seconds after about .3 miles and then at .5, but then ran the last .5 straight through, to complete 1.02 miles in 14:11 (13:49 pace). I have three weeks to get up to 5 miles, but luckily I think I have the psychological factor on my side – I know I can do it, I just need to remind my body that I can do it.

It’s amazing how much the trail has changed since I last ran on it. I mentioned back in October before my surgery that even in the week and a half since I ran it had changed a lot, but it seems to have changed even more in the last month. With all the leaves off the trees, I noticed a number of houses (some newer, some old and abandoned) along the trail, including one just behind the parking lot I parked in all summer. It turns out these two structures were part of the hotel that used to be there, along the train tracks. The picture didn’t turn out too well, but there are two buildings, about the same size, and just to the east of them you can see a stone wall that looks like it used to line the driveway.

old hotel