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Two steps forward, one step back

I’ve been on mandated rest since Tuesday. I’ve been getting an odd pressure sensation in my tibia which is reminiscent of the feeling I had when my stress fracture was healing last year. Not too concerned, because it doesn’t hurt when I push or tap the bone, but still annoyed. The PT will evaluate it tomorrow and I might get to do some mileage on the Alter-G (yay!!). This weekend’s long run is in limbo until he delivers his verdict.

How I feel after there days of not working out.


Injury Eval

I haven’t run in almost two weeks due to the extreme pain I had in my shin and hip. I tried running to the track for an easy workout last tuesday while my group was doing trails but I wasn’t able to make it even .05 mi before i had to hobble back to the car. Yesterday I was finally able to see the PT for an injury eval.

Good news – my hip pain was probably due to a strained hip flexor. Should be just fine on its own.

Bad news – my shin pain was worrisome enough that she sent me next door to an orthopedist who recommended an X-ray. That came back showing “thickness” in the same area I’m having pain, which could indicate that either that I’m a runner or that I have a stress fracture. I go in next Wednesday for a bone scan to determine whether or not it’s a stress fracture.

The ortho didn’t say that my HM and ATM plans should be put back on the shelf just yet, but I should mentally prepare myself for the real possibility of that.



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1 step forward, 2 steps back

Why do my legs always seem to be working against me?

My shin injury is back and my hip is so bad I’m hobbling when I walk today. I don’t know why. I keep thinking I’m doing everything right, and then something like this happens – every. single. time.

I have a call into the sports orthos I went to last year for an eval to see if this is manageable on my own or if I need some serious intervention. Wish me luck…

be proud


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Being Nosey

So Saturday night I had my first post-op workout – and it wasn’t half bad! I did 30 min of easy cardio on the elliptical and only had to take one break, around 8 minutes in, because my nose started throbbing. After that it felt fantastic. I probably could have gone longer, but didn’t want to risk pushing too hard too soon and making things worse in the long run. I did a little bit of light strength training to see if I could kick my legs back into gear – again, I barely even noticed it the next day, so I think it’s safe to push harder next time, but I don’t want to risk it just yet… it’s just not worth it. I think I’m going to give spinning a try tonight and/or tomorrow morning – I need to preempt that turkey dinner somehow! 

Because I’m cleared to run next week, and up until now all of my running has occurred in the summer months, I’ve been scouring the stores for cool and cold weather running gear. It is amazing how little there is out there for 40-50 degree running! All I want is a vest – nothing too heavy, but nothing so light to a leaf falling from above would rip through it. Like literally no one is selling vests this year. Everyone has jackets, of varying thicknesses, but finding a vest is proving to be quit frustrating. Last time I checked, Maryland is not Montana – we don’t get that cold in the winter! And when we do, it doesn’t last long. I did manage to find two items to get me started – the Nike Fast Pace long sleeve running shirt (sadly, not in that great color below, because like everyone and their mom has bought it out of existence) and the Nike Element Half Zip.

nike fast pace long sleeve      Nike-Element-Half-Zip-Womens-Running-Top-481320_627_A

The shirt’s material is porous, so I think it’ll be great for those transition days, as long as it’s not too windy. And although I don’t like things on my arms – especially layered sleeves – I think the half zip will be great for cooler or windier days, and will go just as well with shorts as it does with pants. Now I just need to find the mythical vest…

Now that I’m getting excited about running again, I’m starting to look forward to 2013 and am planning my race schedule. Nothing’s finalized, but it’s looking like I’ll be making appearances at…

  • the Maryland Half Marathon in May,
  • the Dreaded Druid Hills 10k in June,
  • the Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon in September,
  • the Philadelphia Marathon (Surprised smile) in November, and
  • the Celtic Solstice 5 Miler in December.

I’m really looking forward to all of these, even if I’m really kinda terrified of the idea of attempting to complete a full marathon in a year.

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You can call me Rainbow Bright

So it seems that I have finally found a pair of lightweight, soft running shoes that feel good and look good! *cue the choir of angels*

Last week a pair of the much-adored Saucony Kinvara 3s arrived at my door, and I couldn’t have been happier. Everyone everywhere seems to love these shoes, so I was sure after the toebox issues with the Saucony Ride 5s, these were my shoes.  They’re super lightweight and a little cushiony and have some seriously awesome colors. I quickly tried them on and they felt fantastic, so I laced them up Thursday morning and hit the trails. Omg. Oww. Pain. The shoes themselves are fine, even with the lower heel-to-toe drop (4mm, instead of 12mm like my Ride 4s) – but the back of the shoe comes up super high and gave me awful blisters after just one mile. I can’t even remember the last time I got blisters from athletic shoes. Seeing as I had run one mile out, I had to make it back… that was the longest mile ever. All was not lost though – other than a bit of heel skin – as I did eek out a mile PR on the outbound trip. And another trip back to the UPS Store.

So after this run, out of frustration, I stopped at Dicks Sporting Goods on my way to the gym and picked up a pair of Brooks Pure Cadences. purecadence-o-opt1These shoes are part of the Brooks Pure Project, and are lightweight, cushiony, and flexible, with just a touch of stability. And did I mention it’s like running on clouds? I (hesitantly) took these shoes out for my 6 miler on Saturday. After Thursday’s mishap, I was a bit nervous to try these out on my long run, but the squishiness and hot pinkness were just too much to resist. I did, however, put my old shoes in my husband’s car, which we parked further down the trail with some water, in case we needed it. I definitely did not need to even think about changing shoes. Aside from a little bit of stiffness in the first mile or so, these shoes are a God-send. My feet and legs have never felt so good after a run – and best of all? No blisters! But let me tell you, the neon pink shoes look superhot with my neon green calf sleeve and my neon orange shirt… at least no one should hit me while running on the road! Unless they’re blinded by my neon-ness… In love

Our run took us down the trail (downhill) about 3 miles, before we veered off the trail (gasp!) and onto the road up a hill. If you look at the Baltimore Half elevation map, you notice it’s surprisingly hilly. I grew up in Baltimore and had no idea Baltimore had such hills. So in order to not get our asses handed to us by the streets, we are adding more and more hills into our training, aside from the 2-3% incline the trail gives us.Doc1This hill wasn’t long, but boy was it tough. The worst of it’s barely half a mile, but it’s really quite steep at parts – far steeper than I ever realized driving it. It was definitely tough, and now we know we really need to work on hills, but we conquered it. And all 6 miles of our run. In 1:16:53. Aside from a 1/2 mile walk break just before the big hill, we ran almost the entire distance, which is a huge step for me.

As if 6 miles Saturday wasn’t enough, we had a 5k race on Sunday evening at our favorite local vineyard, Boordy Vineyards. photo1It was a trail/road race, with the beginning and end of the race going through the fields around the vineyards, and the bulk of the distance on the paved road in front of the vineyard. When I think trail, I think grass and dirt and some bumps here and there, but this was more like off-roading than trail. There were divots everywhere, some of which could have easily broken an ankle or 50. It seemed like a lot of people were being fairly cautious on this part of the race, with good reason. The seriously uneven nature of the ground really aggravated my leg injury, and kept me in a fair bit of pain for most all of the race. But, I did something I have never done before in a race. I sucked it up and kept photo2moving. There were lots of times where I wanted to stop and walk, but I kept telling myself it wasn’t going to hurt any less if I walked, so keep running. And I’m glad I did – I got my self a shiny new PR Open-mouthed smile 36:59. Although I’m spending much of today with icebags strapped to my legs, I’m super thrilled that I’ve made so much progress in just two months. Back in June it took me 43:35 to get through the Baltimore Women’s Classic – that means that even with the injury issues, I’ve cut over 7 1/2 minutes in just 8 weeks. If I can do that much in 8 weeks, I can’t wait to see how much more I can do in the 8 weeks leading up to the half.


On a side note, I’ve discovered a wonderful pre-run snack – Oatnut bread with honey. Super delicious. And if you can squeeze it in, a banana is a great accompaniment (or, if it doesn’t completely gross you out like it does me, cut the banana up and put it on the bread with the honey and some peanut butter).