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Winter Weather Blues

I finally made peace with the cold. I have lots of warm layers to bundle up in when it’s cold, vaseline for my face, mittens large enough for a small animal to live in… But this snow/sleet/ice nonsense is for the birds!

Last weekend I was supposed to run 8 miles, which worked out perfectly because the RR club had an 8 mile race planned for Sunday! So rather than running with my training group on Saturday, I planned to run on Sunday. I got up, got dressed, rolled out, and headed out at 7:45am. I stopped in town at 8:00am to use the restroom before heading to the start area (there are no bathrooms there and I do not squat in bushes) and just happened to check my phone – to find out that the race had been cancelled, along with tons of warnings to stay home because of ice.


Ice? What ice? It wasn’t even raining where I was. Well, if you saw the news last weekend, you know what ice. I turned around and headed home (barely hit any ice but it was apparently a nightmare everywhere else – glad I stopped and checked my phone or else I would’ve been stranded like so many people were). No long run for me.

Tuesday I got out for a great track session, but because I had tweaked my achilles a bit at last week’s track session, I took it easy and just did the minimum workout. Either way, it was a great workout – each of my 800s was below an 8:30 pace!! Holy moley! And I thought I had held back my pace, too…

Today I decided to go out for an easy run because *dun dun dunnn* more snow is coming in tonight! One of my mom’s coworkers said the trail was fine, but he must’ve been there before Wednesday afternoon’s snow moved in because the trail was anything but fine! *sadface* I made it .2 mi before I decided it was just going to be a slushy, slippery, frustrating act in futility.


THANKFULLY, though, my Yaktrax came today!! Not in time to get my run in, but I can’t wait to try them out on Sunday! We’re supposed to get some snow and ice overnight (in fact, it just started snowing), so I’m probably not going to make it to my group run tomorrow morning. At this point, it’s just easier to plan on a Sunday run. I’ve been wanting to get a pair for a while because once it snows, the trail tends to stay snowy/icy until spring, but have been dragging my feet. Well, I have two half marathon coming up and I’m not going to be unprepared because of my own stubbornness.


I am so ridiculously excited to try them out! I’m hoping these work well on the packed slush/snow on the trail.

If you noticed, I mentioned above that I have TWO half marathons coming up. Yep! I got into the Brooklyn Half Marathon!! It sold out in less than 8 hours this year, so I’m super glad I got in. Registering via NYRR was super easy – I’d definitely consider doing more of their races if I lived closer (and if train tickets weren’t so expensive).


I’ve never (knowingly) been to Brooklyn before, so I’m really looking forward to not only racing in a new location, but seeing a whole new place! The race ends on the boardwalk at Coney Island, so I’m really hoping for good weather so I can check out Coney Island after the race.

And in other good news – I booked my trip to Florida!! Ahh, warm, sunny Florida 😎 Being the total nerd that I am, I have already mapped out runs and created route sheets for my stay… and I promise, I won’t complain about the heat or humidity.

How is winter treating you this year?? 

Are you getting all of your runs in? 

What are you doing to make winter running more bearable/feasible? 


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So I’ve been a little MIA lately. I can explain, I promise.

Pax passed away three days after my last post. I went to visit him and his wife in hospice that Wednesday, but he was so sedated to help with the pain that he was all but comatose. He could still hear, apparently, so I talked at him for a bit and told him some things I had wanted to tell him two years ago (he – unknowingly – introduced my husband and I to each other my senior year). I had no idea how to get in touch with him then, and I wish I had actually been able to talk to him, but this was the best option I had. It was hard, but I’m glad I went. It was good to see his wife, too. He passed just 24 hours after I visited. It’s weird, he was up and talking Monday, basically said his last words Tuesday, was sedated Wednesday, and dead Thursday. It’s just so surreal. One of my ex’s mom was diagnosed with cancer when he was 2 and she lived 18 years. Pax didn’t even get 18 days.

The facebook group that was started for him grew to over 1,300 people; I don’t know most of them, but it’s interesting to read their stories. There are so many similarities among the thousands of students he touched over the 20+ years he taught. Some of us were able to get back into the band room that weekend, thanks to the dance teacher; it was good to be together in there one more time, retelling all of the best stories of high school. I’m not one to enjoy reliving high school, but it was comforting – and a lot of fun – this time. Just a shame it had to be due to a death.

The place hasn't changed a bit in 12 years

The place hasn’t changed a bit in 12 years

I did manage to get some running in, including a 6 mile long run last weekend. It was cold and overcast, but the best part was the snow! None of it stuck, but there’s something really enjoyable about running in the snow. And even though it was cold, there were actually a lot of people out – many more than I expected. I did an easy out and back, and it snowed almost the whole time (except for when it sleeted on me… that was just unpleasant). My husband started out with me, but fell back after a mile. He wasn’t planning on running all the way with me, so it wasn’t a big deal. I was quite proud of myself for running as much of it non-stop as I did (the whole way back!!).

snowy run

snowy run

I’m glad I made it out for this run, because I woke up to a nasty surprise Sunday morning. Nothing makes a better wake up call at 4:00am than norovirus. It was really pretty bad. Like so bad I passed out and ended up stuck between the toilet and the tub in between vomiting sesions… and that was my cue to visit Patient First. I can’t sing their praises enough – two bags of saline and an anti-nausea injection later, I actually felt human again. Well, sorta. It did make the whole thing much more bearable. By the time the snowstorm to end all snowstorms moved in on Tuesday night, I was mostly better. Oh, yeah, and the snowstorm just turned into a big sloshy mess. The sun’s out, the birds are chirping, and it’s a gorgeous weekend. I’m hoping for a 7 miler tomorrow.

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17 degree windchills are entirely too damn cold for running. And let me tell you, Under Armour’s ColdGear isn’t nearly windproof enough for windchills like this. They need EffingColdGear – for when it’s just too effing cold. I have no idea how people in colder climates do this all winter long. I don’t know that I could live in a place that doesn’t have four distinct seasons like we do here, but I’m getting closer and closer to wanting to find out.

The highlight of the day, however, was that we got to run in the snow! 🙂 We’ve been getting lake-effect snow on and off all day. Yes, in the DC metro area.

20130217-173512.jpg(You can’t see it, but there’s snow in that picture. Just take my word for it.)

My super awesome husband (who, might I add, is not actually racing this year) came out with me for what was supposed to be a 5 mile run, but turned out to be a 2.5 mile run. After the first lap I couldn’t feel my thighs anymore and they had nothing left in them, so we called it a day. There’s always next weekend, right?