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You know what’s amazing?

It was warm enough on tonight’s run for me to be accosted by gnats!! *cues the choir of angels* I never thought I’d be so happy to see gnats. Seriously.

🌷🌷 Spring really is here!! 🌷🌷

I skipped my half group’s hill run on Tuesday because of my achey achilles, but decided to join my mom’s 10k group tonight as they were doing the exact same workout. My achilles gave me some attitude on the first hill run, but it started playing (mostly) nice after that.

Screenshot 2015-04-02 23.00.51I’m quite pleased with my performance tonight 🙂 It’s not much, but it felt good.

And when I got back to the store, I got to see this:

Screenshot 2015-04-02 22.58.35

After last weekend’s race, I looked back through my training log and aside from too many runs being derailed due to snow and ice, I think my biggest problem is that too many of my cross training sessions and mid-week runs are only about 1 hour/5-6 miles. I’ve gotten too comfortable at that mid-distance. I’m planning on adding at least one cross training session or mid-week run of about 8 miles in order to get myself in a better position for Brooklyn. I don’t want to feel at Brooklyn the way I felt on Saturday. I don’t want to feel anywhere the way I felt on Saturday ever again.

This Saturday I’m planning on (finally!) joining my spring half marathon group for the first time! I’m thinking an easy 5-7 mile run, depending on how my achilles feels when I wake up. I’m a bit nervous about a new group – because that means I need to find new running partners – but I’m really looking forward to it!


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Race Report: Kelly St. Patrick’s Day 5k

My training group!

My training group before the race!! I’m in the closed orange jacket and my mom is in the opened orange jacket.

After last year, I had decided not to run this race anymore. Not that it’s not fun, but it’s just too crowded to really race it and, honestly, I just don’t like the insane emphasis that’s put on drinking beer and getting trashed in order to “celebrate” St. Patrick’s Day in this country. I changed my mind, though, because my mom wanted to run this race – I didn’t want to come all the way down for the race and not run it myself! 😉 So I signed up.

Prior to the 5k I ran in Florida a few weeks ago, this was going to be my target 5k for the season – where I ran my butt off for the sub-30 5k. Well, seeing as I already did that (!!) I had very few expectations going into the race. I would’ve liked to have PRed, but it wasn’t going to ruin my day if I didn’t – after all, I’m a long distance runner, not a short(ish) distance runner! 😉

The weather was darn near perfect for a race this morning, except for one small detail: insane winds! It was about 50 degrees or so, sunny with lots of clouds, and winds like no other.


After meeting my training group at the finish line area, we walked to the start together. The start is always super congested, but I did my best to get close to the front of the pack so I would have fewer people to dart around (although looking at throngs of runners in front of me once the race started, I think it’s safe to say I didn’t get close enough to the front). My mom and I met my dad and one of his employees near the start to pass off our extra layers. At the last minute I decided to ditch my long sleeve shirt and run in a tank top and heatgear pants. I’m glad I did.


The race began at 1:15 and I, predictably, spent the entire downhill portion darting in between and around slower runners. Despite all of that, I had managed to get about an 8:58 pace, which is right where I wanted to be to set a PR – quick, but not exerting a whole lot of effort.

The first 6/10 of a mile is down hill. How do I know this? Just after the course flattened out, I fell. Hard. Again. The pack had opened up a bit and I felt like I was getting into my groove, and then all of a sudden I felt my left toe catch on something, and then I felt like I was flying; I tried to catch myself, frantically trying to get my feet back under me, but instead landed squarely on my left knee, then right knee, right hip, and right elbow, as I skidded down the road. I laid on the course in the fetal position for what felt like a minute, but was only about 2-3 seconds, trying to internalize that I had, in fact, fallen again, before a kind gentleman helped me back up to my feet. After making my way to the sideline, I tried running again, but was in too much pain – at which time I looked down and realized I had ripped my pants and was bleeding. As much as I wanted to go on, I knew it would’ve been too painful, so I made the difficult decision to take my first ever DNF. Walking hurt, but was doable – there was no way I could’ve run another 2.5 miles.

I made my way back to the finish line area (which luckily was pretty close to where this all happened) to get cleaned up. I made myself a sandwich (which I felt like a fraud for eating because I totally hadn’t earned it) and waited for my mom to finish her race. She got herself a shiny new PR!! 🎉 By over a minute and a half!! 🎉 AND can finally say she beat me in a race 😉



Poppy was dreadfully concerned about the sounds I was making while pouring hydrogen peroxide on my road rash

Poppy was dreadfully concerned about the sounds I was making while pouring hydrogen peroxide on my road rash

Walking up and down the stairs (hell, just sitting and standing) hurt so I’m going to give me knees a few days to recover before I run again. I have a half marathon in just 13 days, so I need to focus on taking extra good care of my body. And maybe on finding one of those self-deploying airbags…

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I had been planning to run today, but after yesterday’s attack at Boston and the call for all runners to unite and #runforboston, I was even more determined to get out and run hard. 5k in 36:14, an unofficial PR by 45 seconds.


This past week has been incredibly warm, and it’s amazing what a difference a week can make in the spring. Everything is starting to pop, the leaves are coming out on the trees and the grass is getting greener each day.



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I’m a spring baby and absolutely love the spring. I look forward to spring as soon as the calendar ticks over to September. There’s just something so great about the longer days, the sun on your (increasingly bare) skin, and everything waking up from a long winter slumber.



This is not funny, Mother Nature! It’s spring! It’s not supposed to be snowing in late March in this neck of the world! *pout*


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So I won’t go as far as saying that hills are the devil, but they’re pretty darn close.

hills love hate

It warmed up enough to head out for a bit today. I’m pretty good with endurance, but hills are my Achilles’ heel. Although my first half, the Maryland Half, isn’t terribly hilly, there are some rolling hills, and I’m planning on running the Baltimore Half again in October, so I want to start hill training as soon as possible. Plus, I think it just makes for a more well-rounded runner.

Last year when I tried running hills, the .6 mi warm up nearly did me it. This year, I did a 1 mile warm up and it energized me. Just from that I know I’m in better shape now than last summer. I did three repeats on a 300 m hill on a 19% incline. This hill is ridiculous. I’ll never encounter anything like it in any race I plan on doing, but it’s more psychological for me. If I can conquer this one, I can conquer any race. I made it about 2/3 of the way up each time, with the last time being my best run. My legs hurt. My lungs ached. But it’s a start. It gives me a baseline for the rest of the season.

While I was out today, I noticed something that made me smile. Something barely audible, but inherently springy. Peepers. If I stopped and turned my head in just the right direction, I could hear a faint chorus of peepers along the shores of the river. That was music to my winter-weary ears! I also noticed some wild grasses popping up in one of the streams leading to the river – another sign that spring is surely here, even if the thermometer disagrees.


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Spring has sprung!

Happy Spring!


One of the best and worst parts of running in the spring is running in the rain! If it’s hot out, it can feel fantastic; if it’s cold out, it can be miles and miles of torture. Although it certainly doesn’t feel like spring around here, check out these simple tips for running in the rain! April showers are just around the corner… 🙂