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The last weekend in July…

I swear the summer just started… how is the end of July already?? ☀️ I’m not ready for this.

Thursday night I took a pair of Mizuno Wave Inspires out for a test run around the track. Despite not being sure about them while standing (they hit my ankle bone), they felt surprisingly good. I did 3×1600 in them, one at a warm up pace, one at a speedy pace, and one at an easy pace and they felt good in all three conditions. Seeing as they passed the first test, I decided to hold on to them for Saturday’s long run.

Yesterday we set out for 14 miles – my third time at this distance. I loaded up my hydration vest with 3 16.9 oz bottles of water and three Gus (I always like to have at least one extra on hand) and off we went. The run felt pretty good through the first couple of miles. The hill work is clearly paying off because the hills on the course weren’t so bad. We stopped at mile 5 to Gu and watch a few rabbits chase each other through a yard, and then crossed the main road that divides our zip code. We weaved our way through some neighborhoods, and then decided to wing it a bit – the route sheet had us going back up the road we take out from the store, something none of us wanted to do. As we came upon an elementary school, I noticed that my vest was getting light (and the group water tanks were getting low) so we ran around the school looking for a water fountain; we found two, but both were turned off. Luckily my running partners are more well prepared than I – we stopped at a convenience store for water. Lesson learned – always carry cash or a credit card.

Just before we stopped, around mile 9, I had commented on how great the run felt. Apparently the universe wanted nothing to do with that. As the clock approached 10:00am, the sun was getting noticeably hotter and shade was becoming more and more scarce. Almost the entire last 4 miles were in the direct sun; we hopped between shady spots as often as possible, but that only helped so much. I didn’t fall apart, but I didn’t feel good. I had a hard time finishing, but we all cheered each other on and did our best.

I followed my usual fueling plan before and during the run, but I just felt so drained – and unusually hungry after the run. I’m sure the sun had something to do with it, but it wasn’t all that hot or humid out. I’m going to try a few fueling strategy this upcoming week (16 miles!) – I picked up some Honey Stingers and I’m also going to pack some stroopwafles (which I hear the guys on the Tour de France love for fuel on the go) and see if they help out any. Carbs the day before also need to be upped. Either way, after I cleaned up and chatted with some group members, I made a beeline for Dunkin Donuts and did some damage to a turkey cheddar bacon flatbread. Healthy? Not so much. But it’s got carbs and protein and is super yum.


Unfortunately I also found out that my Garmin had broken 😦 The band half popped off.

IMG_1290I’ve been told that Garmin’s customer support is pretty good, so I’m going to call them first thing tomorrow morning.

I had planned on going to a picnic yesterday afternoon, but I got home so late and was just so zonked that I fell asleep and didn’t even make it into the shower until after 2:00pm…

This morning I woke up earlyish (okay not really but I sleep like a log after these long runs) and took my mom out to my favorite hill! She’s running a race in mid-September that ends on a pretty sizable uphill. I had her run .75 mi on flat trail, then 3 repeats up the hill. She did a whole lot better than I expected! That’s a tough hill! And it was her first time on a real hill.


I should’ve been meaner, though – she made fun of my compression socks 😦

IMG_1294I think she’s just jealous.

How was your weekend? 
Has this summer absolutely flown by for you, too?? 


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Impromptu half marathon!

I know, I haven’t been very good at posting lately. :-[

Last Tuesday was a great speed workout that combined the track, hills, and the road. I felt absolutely amazing during and after and couldn’t have been more thrilled!

Last Wednesday we had a “mentor session” with the group in which our coach goes over what to do in the month before race day and answer questions and concerns people might have about these last few long, long runs as well as the taper process and what goes on on race day. Afterwards a few of us went out for an easy run in the neighborhood. From the first step my achilles was complaining. I thought it just needed some time to warm up, but with every step it yelled at me. Nothing seriously painful, just nagging. Thursday morning I couldn’t walk normally. Friday I went in to PT and got Grastoned.

Feeling somewhat better, I taped up the achilles and went to my long run, knowing full well it wouldn’t be great and I wouldn’t be running 12 miles. I got in a good, if not labored 6 miles. It’s funny – I felt awful (overall) and like I was seriously dragging, but I still averaged an 11:00 pace, with two miles under a 10:08 pace. I also tried out my new Nathan Hydration Pack. Why did I not get one sooner?!? I absolutely loved it! It was a bit heavy, with three bottles worth of water strapped to me, but the pack was amazing.


My Achilles was still bugging me a bit when I went to PT on Monday, so he did some some active release on both legs – which felt absolutely horrible! Oh my gosh… I know it’ll make a huge difference later, but it is so painful when you’re going through it. He cleared me to run a low-key half marathon this weekend, under the condition I stop if things start hurting too much. I’ve been tossing around the idea of this half for a while because our group is “officially” meeting downtown and I just don’t want to drive down there or run down there. I’m scheduled for 12-14 miles, so 13.1 is right where I need to be! And for $2, even if I have to duck out and DNF, it’s still totally worth it.

The best part? One of the women I train with asked me to pace her!! It’s going to be her first half marathon. Selfishly, it works out really great for me because she runs about 1:00 – 1:30 per mile slower than I do which will force me to keep a slow pace and not push myself unnecessarily. But above all, I’m just so honored she asked me to pace her and help get her to the finish! 🙂 I never thought I’d be the kind of runner that others might look up to or respect. I’m super psyched for this weekend!

treasure every mile


Long Run Saturday

I woke up at 3:45am this morning. Not by choice. The phone alarm was set for 5:00am, but the brain alarm decided that 3:45am had a 5 in it, so it was close enough. Ugh. 

It was drizzling a bit this morning when I was getting ready – no biggie. Welcomed, in fact. It’s been “chilly” by summer standards around here this week (upper 70s/low 80s for highs, 50s and 60s for lows) but this morning was warmer and muggier than any other day this week. 

Today’s run was my second run with my half group and our first run as a group on the rail trail. I went in planning to do 6 miles, but the girls I was running with were aiming for 7. I compromised and went for 6.6 miles. The water stop at 3.3 was just far too alluring. 

Aside from the break at the water stop, I ran the entire distance and maintained an average pace of 10:45, which is super speedy for a long run for me! I even set unofficial 5 mile and 10k PRs (53:46 and 1:06:xx, respectively)! The last mile or so was a bit of a challenge – I really just ran out of steam – but otherwise the run felt great. Running with others is much more enjoyable than I ever could have imagined; they really helped me keep going when, let’s be honest, I would have stopped if I had been by myself. 

Photo Jul 19, 10 12 11 AM

After the run I came home to a pleasant surprise – our new stove was installed! Our kitchen has been torn out for the last 5 weeks, which has led me to eating a diet of like 90% carbs, and about 70% take out. I never realized just how much I don’t like cereal. Surprisingly though, my weight has held steady. I was sooo beyond excited to actually have an omelette for breakfast after my run! I have missed them so… 🙂

Photo Jul 19, 12 28 22 PM

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First legit run!

So I’ve been in physical therapy for five weeks now, using the super awesome Alter G treadmill to retrain my running form and doing all sorts of strengthening exercises to fix my biomechanical inefficiencies – and I was finally set free to run in the wild! I still have two more weeks of PT, but my therapist thinks I’ve made enough progress to safely add outdoor running into my routine again! Woohoo!

I went to a local track tonight (nice and padded) for my first real outdoor run in ages. My dad and I are training for a St. Patricks day 5k and his training has been on hold while my running has been on hiatus. It felt really good to get back out there, even if it wasn’t much. We walked four laps, and ran the straight sides of three laps. No pain, no aches, no problem 🙂 It did feel a bit weird to be running at a faster cadence (I’ve been at 160-166 bpm) than I’m used to, but it felt good. I’m really looking forward to the next!